Al-Budnain Ali Mushtak
Al-Budnain Ali Mushtak
Head doctor
  • Profile
    Surgery: tooth extraction, tooth implantation, bone grafting, other types of surgical manipulations

    Orthopedics: aesthetic dentistry, restoration of masticatory functions with the help of veneers, crowns, bridges. Installation of single and bridge crowns on implants
  • Interesting Facts
    He is a member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine. Member of the ITI Club (International Club of Implantologists). Unique bone grafting using the Khoury Techique technique. Extensive experience working with patients under medical sleep
  • Experience
    Since 2013
  • Delight
    Photography, sports, swimming, fascination with medical literature and articles, fascination with modern dental technologies and equipment
  • Quote
    Medical and digital science is our way to create the perfect smile
  • Author's style
    Organization and holding of private courses on the basis of our dental clinic for new specialists (specialization in surgery and orthopedics). Cooperation and carrying out of surgical manipulations in different clinics of Ukraine